Covid-19: We are here to help

Berlin is unfortunately equally touched by the coronavirus crisis as other cities in the world. The health of every single person is our top priority, which means moving here is not an option at the moment. Our administration is working hard to find solutions for ongoing immigration processes and welcoming procedures for new arrivals to the city. Due to several public offices being closed to protect employees, many appointments and processes will be cancelled or take longer than usual. Once this global challenge is behind us, everyone will be back 100% to support new plans to move to Berlin.

Meanwhile, we want to actively inform and help the international community already living in Berlin. Some of you may have just arrived and not be familiar with the city's government or do not understand German. Your Because Berlin Team is here to help! Together with Berlin’s administrative offices, we will do our best to answer your questions and help you sort out problematic situations during this crisis. Get in touch with us or follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. We will be posting the latest information about the coronavirus in Berlin on all our channels, in English. 

Find more helpful information for Expats on our FAQ page.

Watch our two Town Hall Calls where we provide free information in English about immigration, unemployment, financial support, and daily life in Berlin: Town Hall Call 1, Town Hall Call 2


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