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The city of Berlin is committed to creating an urban environment of equal opportunity for all its residents, present and future. As part of this ongoing commitment, the Berlin Senate has created a special project designed explicitly to help people abroad who are not as fortunate. This public project has the aim of actively promoting Berlin as a welcoming and secure city for qualified people suffering discrimination or lack of opportunity in their home region.

Because.Berlin is the title applied to this project, commissioned by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, and executed by the development agency Berlin Partner for Business and Technology. Because.Berlin is one of several components of the “Economic Freedom” strategy of the city of Berlin. The project’s specific consulting and support infrastructure is part of the service offering “Economic Freedom Berlin - Integration of Incoming Talents, Founders and Entrepreneurs”. Concrete forms of support address and encourage interested entrepreneurs, founders and talents while they are still in their home country.

Aim of the project is to give free advice about relocation, industries, employers, and networking opportunities in order to showcase the diverse opportunities that Berlin offers skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, and scientists who are looking for a new place to work and live, and assist them in settling in Berlin. Through the website, Berlin Partner provides information about the various services offered by the city of Berlin for this target group and, above all, offers individual and confidential assistance through a personal advisory service.

The overall campaign is intended to establish Berlin as an attractive business location where talents can freely develop and realize their potential, and to attract creative people, skilled workers, founders, companies and scientists.

Because.Berlin is your first-stop source for everything you need to know about moving to and working in Berlin. Our team of experts is waiting to answer any questions you may have.

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