Because Berlin is a city of communities and opportunity. You are welcome to celebrate where you’ve come from and forge a new future here. With its open-minded atmosphere, Berlin is one of the most sought after cities for talented people and innovative enterprises. Why not join them?


A city just waiting to be called home

Berlin is known for being a vibrant, diverse and inclusive city, ready to welcome people seeking a new home. The honesty, acceptance and open-mindedness of Berliners is one of the many reasons why it works. Find out more.


A city of ideas, innovation and growth

New technology matched with Berlin’s creative “Geist” has led to an emerging industry. The digital economy currently boosts an average growth rate of 9% per year. In 2018, four of the ten largest investments in Europe went to companies in Berlin and startups here raised €2.6 billion in funding, coming level with investment-leader London. Berlin’s startup scene and the digitalization of traditional industries have formed a new economic force.


Urban and natural landscapes to be explored

Berlin’s multitude of cultural attractions, rich heritage and diverse cuisine make it a very inviting place to live and work. People of every nationality, race, gender and sexual orientation are welcome here. Spread across 12 diverse neighborhoods, the capital offers something intriguing around every corner. Numerous lakes, countless parks, and sprawling green spaces also provide the best of nature on your doorstep.


A fast-growing, English-speaking community

People from nearly 200 nations live and work in Berlin, and appreciate it’s diverse and accepting lifestyle. Drawn to the city’s love of freedom, the fast-growing international population offers employers a big advantage in finding highly-skilled people or an entire dream team. As the common business language is often English, it’s also possible to find work in the city without speaking German.


Linked-up and easy to navigate

In the heart of Europe, Berlin connects West and East and is easily reachable by air, rail or road. Berlin’s public transport is safe, fast and reliable, so cars are just an option. Whether you’re getting to work or exploring the city in your free time, traveling is easy by subway, commuter train, tram or bus. Berlin has always been a bike-friendly city and environmental issues are leading to an even better infrastructure for those on two wheels.


Fast-growing collaborative startup scene

As the startup center of Europe, Berlin attracts innovative entrepreneurs from all over the world. Around 30% of all German startups are based in Berlin, which is obvious by the infinite networking events. Collaborations with academia and traditional industries are also the norm. Corporate heavyweights that relocate to the capital easily engage with startups via incubators and other initiatives.