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Berlin welcomes you regardless of sexual orientation or identity, origin, skin color, age, disabled or differently abled. True diversity unifies and fosters a sense of community, which you will experience throughout the city. If you are looking for a place to feel free and at home, move here. 

Town Hall Calls

Our online events are for people interested in Berlin by those who are happy they have already made the move. Hear from inspiring role models and local experts dedicated to making Berlin and the rest of the world more diverse and inclusive, and find out what awaits you.

Politics made for equality

The city’s government has a dedicated department, the LADS, for enforcing the right to equal treatment and non-discrimination. In 2020, Berlin was proud to become the first German municipality to pass an anti-discrimination law to address and eradicate systemic racism.

Two men embrace and laugh in a park in the summer. They wear t-shirts with claims against discrimination.  | Photo by Ece AK on Pexels
A visual of the Farben Bekennen Award 2021 shows an athletic black girl sitting confidently on a globe with her instructor by her side. | Visual by Berlin Partner

Champions of diversity

Several Berlin initiatives support diversity and integration (D&I), leading the way for Germany and Europe. The Place2beBerlin campaign extends a warm welcome to the LGBTQI+ community, and the #FarbenBekennen award celebrates the community work of refugees who have made Germany their new home.

Dynamic support network

Berlin has many organizations dedicated to making it an even more equal opportunity place to live and work. Because Berlin is proud to call many our partners, including: Black in Tech Berlin, All Out, ISI e. V., Talent Diverse, Migration Hub, SAP iO No Boundaries, BIWOC Rising, Loom eV. Contact us to join our network.

An Asian woman works remotely from home while taking care of her child. They both sit on a couch, the mother working while the daughter is playing next to her.
A diverse group of women sits around a table in an office while brainstorming and discussing work matters. | Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels

Diversity across the board

Local businesses, including Zalando, BASF, and Siemens Energy are building more diverse workplaces, with help from initiatives such as Uhlala Group, Charta der Vielfalt, Beyond Gender Agenda, and HeforShe. Berlin universities are also known for creating safe, welcoming environments for everyone.

A truly supportive city

People love Berlin because of its diversity and freedom, and the city offices work hard to ensure it is safe, accessible and supportive for all. Open-mindedness, tolerance and mutual respect are the norm and discrimination is not tolerated. If it does occur, support is always readily available.

A woman in a wheelchair converses with a work colleague at a desk in an office environment. | Photo by Marcus Aurelius on Pexels
A group of people dance during the street parade of the Karneval der Kulturen, a street festival celebrating Berlin's diverse cultures. The Südstern church and a flying balloon are visible in the background.

Diversity is celebrated

Berlin’s biggest festivals include the Karneval der Kulturen, a celebration of 180 nationalities; Christopher Street Day, celebrating LGBTQI+ pride; and the African Food Festival. On any day of the week, the club scene offers something for everyone, promising open-mindedness you won’t find anywhere else.